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You're Driving Me Mad

You’re driving me mad

Written by John C David



Tell me that you love me baby

Promise me you’ll never leave me and go

Tell me that you love me baby

You know I really need you more and more

I’ll never leave you baby ‘Cos I really do love you so

Yes you really ought to love me more

Ooh ooh ooh  please baby you’ve got to stay with me Kiss me and please baby make me happy


‘Cos I really do need your love

Yes I really do need your love

Tell me that you’d stay by my side

Loving me till I grow weary of love

Please baby give me your love till then

Or I’ll really be losing my mind

Yes I really do need your love

Bridge 2

You really made me so mad

Never expected you to run out on me

You clean broken my heart

And made me lose my mind 

Yes you really made me loose my mind

You really hurt and drove me so mad (2)


Why baby why did you leave me, 

I’m sure I never did you no harm


#Tell me why you’re driving me mad

You know you’re really hurting me bad

Yeh tell me why you’re hurting me bad

You know you’re really driving me mad

You know you’ve really ruined my life

God help me she’s driving me mad


Yeah tell me why you’re treating me bad

You’re really hurting and making  me sad

Tell me why you’ve broken my heart

Tell me why you’ve torn me apart

Why dont you help me with a new start

Yeah hey……………………………#



©John C. David

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